quarta-feira, 6 de junho de 2012

Do amigo Alvaro Caputo....

Para entender o que esta acontecendo no Imperio (e no mundo)

Alvaro Caputo
Li um artigo do New York Times (um jornal dificilmente acusado de conservador...) e um trecho me chamou a atenção. Creio que ele explica muito bem os desafios hoje enfrentados pelo Imperio e pela Europa. O ensaio citado por ele, parece tambem muito interessante. Depois do trecho, coloco os links para o artigo e para o Ensaio.....

To understand the broader trends at work, a useful place to turn is Jay Cost’s essay on “The Politics of Loss” in the latest issue of National Affairs. For most of the post-World War II era, Cost argues, our debates over taxing and spending have taken place in an atmosphere of surplus. The operative question has been how best to divide a growing pie, which has enabled politicians in both parties to practice a kind of ideologically-flexible profligacy. Republicans from Dwight Eisenhower to George W. Bush have increased spending, Democrats from John F. Kennedy to Bill Clinton have found ways to cut taxes, and the great American growth machine has largely kept the toughest choices off the table.
But not anymore. Between our slowing growth and our unsustainable spending commitments, “the days when lawmakers could give to some Americans without shortchanging others are over; the politics of deciding who loses what, and when and how, is upon us.” In this era, debates will be increasingly zero-sum, bipartisan compromise will be increasingly difficult, and “the rules and norms of our politics that several generations have taken for granted” will fade away into irrelevance.